Whataburger Secret Menu Items for 2024

Whataburger Secret menu items include The Hulk, veggie grilled cheese, Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich, Breakfast Ranchero Sandwich, Veggie Burger, and The “Double-Double” sandwich.

Dessert items on Whataburger’s secret list are chicken strips and pancakes Apple Pie milkshakes and Cinnamon roll milkshakes. Some of these items are available only during specific hours and locations

These secret items on the Whataburger menu are cooked by using natural and fresh ingredients for different likes and choices. They offer customers a more special meal that suits them better.

According to Google Trends, the most searched item in Whataburger’s secret menu is The Hulk in Alaska (a state in the US) and its price is $2.19.

The lowest-priced item on their secret menu is the “Grilled Cheese,” which price is $1.79. While, “Chicken & Pancakes” is the highest-priced item, available for $7.98.

Since these menu items are not available on their regular menu. So, you can order it by asking the specific menu or by telling the components of the item so they can prepare it for you.

Whataburger Secret Menu Prices

Secret itemsPrices ($)
Apple Pie Milkshake$5.99
Grilled Cheese$1.79
The Hulk$2.19
Veggie Burger$4.69
Chicken and Pancakes$3.29
Breakfast Ranchero Sandwich$3.29
Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich$7.39
Whataburger secret menu item prices

Whataburger Hulk

Hulk Soda is a delicious and sweet drink on Whataburger’s secret menu which is famous for its bold flavor and burst of energy.

It is highly addictive and has a distinct green color that resembles the Incredible Hulk. 

Whataburger Hulk soda is prepared by using Powerade Mountain Berry Blast and Vault soda, which is similar to Mountain Dew, Mello Yello, and Surge.

Price of this secret Whataburger menu item is affordable and available at about $2.19.

Overall, the Whataburger Hulk soda is a popular choice among Whataburger fans who enjoy a sugary and caffeinated drink.

Whataburger Hulk

Apple Pie Milkshake

Whataburger Secret menu item Apple Pie Milkshake, also known as an “A La Mode,” is a tasty treat and it is the perfect combination of the flavors of hot apple pie and a vanilla shake.

It is made by using milk, apple pie, vanilla ice cream, butter, sugar, Pie chunks, and salt (for taste) and it can easily made at home according to your taste.

Price of Apple is around about $5 to $6 but the exact price may vary depending on locations, size, and ingredients used.

The nutritional content of an Apple Pie Milkshake is given below:

  • Calories: 620 to 800
  • Carbohydrates: 180g to 196g
  • Fat: 27g to 31g
  • Protein: 12g
Apple Pie Milkshake

Veggie burger

Another delicious and vegetarian-friendly dish on Whataburger’s secret menu is a veggie burger.

It is made by using healthy and fresh ingredients including mushrooms, brown rice, and black beans, and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and a creamy avocado ranch sauce. 

The patty itself is made up of black beans, brown rice, and roasted corn.

Whataburger fans can also customize veggie burgers with their own choice of filling. Since the Veggie Burger is a customizable option, the price may vary depending on the specific ingredients and toppings chosen

A regular veggie burger price is between $6.28 to $9.79, depending on the size and topping.

About 490 calories are present per serving.

Veggie burger

Chicken and pancake

Chicken and Pancakes are secret menu items of Whataburger which offers a new spin on the traditional Southern dish of chicken and waffles.

Pancakes are made with flour, eggs, milk, and other common pancake ingredients, while chicken tenders are made with chicken, breadcrumbs, and seasonings.

Whataburgers can also customize the Chicken and Pancakes by ordering pancakes and adding either chicken or chicken honey biscuits that create a unique and satisfying taste

Price of chicken and pancake is about $8 but it may vary due to location and customization options. About 700 calories are present per serving.

Chicken and pancake

“Double Double” Burger

It is also named In-N-Out Burger, and it is the perfect combination of a cheeseburger with two beef patties and two slices of cheese.

This spicy and crunchy burger is made with sesame buns, beef slices, patties of cheese, mayonnaise, salt, white and black pepper. You can also top it with your choice of ingredients like cheese, bacon, jalapeños, and avocado. 

In-N-Out Double-Double contains 590 calories, 41g of total carbs, 38g of net carbs, 32g of fat, and 37g of protein per serving.

Double Double Burger with french fries and medium drink is available for $9.

“Double Double” Burger

Breakfast Ranchero Sandwich

Breakfast secret menu item of Whataburger is the Ranchero sandwich which is popular among Whataburger fans due to its delicious and tangy taste but it is most famous in South Texas.

This sandwich includes a breakfast sausage patty or two bacon slices, one egg, a slice of American cheese, all placed in a bun. The eggs are prepared with jalapenos and picante sauce for added flavor.

About 500 calories, 15grams fats, 260mg cholesterol, 2grams net carbs, and 1gram sugar are present in it

The price of the Whataburger Breakfast Ranchero Sandwich is approximately $2.79 to $3.29 depending on locations and ingredients used.

Breakfast Ranchero Sandwich

Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich is a popular secret menu item at Whataburger which is best known for its delicious taste and perfect for those who want unique and satisfying dishes on their menu.

The main ingredients include boneless chicken breast, Honey BBQ sauce, Italian salad, and cheese, placed in a toasted bun.

Price of the Honey BBQ chicken sandwich is  $5.39 when ordered alone and $7.39 as part of a meal that includes French fries and a drink.

Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich at Whataburger has 890 calories. It also contains 97 grams of carbohydrates, 43 grams of protein, and 56 grams of fat.

Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich


Whataburger’s secret menu boasts tantalizing items like The Hulk, Veggie Grilled Cheese, Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich, Breakfast Ranchero Sandwich, Veggie Burger, and The “Double-Double” sandwich.

To access these exclusive offerings, customers can request these items by name or specify their components when ordering at Whataburger, as they aren’t listed on the regular menu.

Whataburger’s secret menu emphasizes natural, fresh ingredients tailored to individual preferences, allowing customers to personalize items like the Veggie Burger or Double-Double with their choice of toppings.

Answer: Prices for Whataburger’s secret menu items vary, with the Grilled Cheese being the lowest-priced at $1.79, while the Chicken and pancakes top the list at $7.98, contingent on location and specific ingredients used.

The Apple Pie Milkshake, Veggie Burger, Chicken and Pancake, Double-Double Burger, Breakfast Ranchero Sandwich, and Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich have varying calorie counts, providing nutritional content such as calories, fat, protein, and carbs.

The Hulk stands out as the most searched secret menu item at Whataburger in Alaska, priced at $2.19, enticing customers with its delicious blend of Powerade Mountain Berry Blast and Vault soda.

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